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Dextro Solution is Lahore based company which is registered in Pakistan. We provide all kind of jobs related to IT to our clients. Either it is web developing, or wed designing, SEO, Graphic Designing, Desktop application etc. To provide such facilities, sometimes people get confused about the terms and conditions of the company.
Here we are going to discuss each and every point related to terms and condition here:

1. The customer will pay 50 percent in advance of the total payment at the time of final deal. And remaining will be paid after work has been done.

2. The customer will inform us each and every step of his work in detail and we will write it down. After getting clear between both the parties then we will start working on the work.

3. The logo and other visual media, we are going to create, is our property and protected by copyright laws. You will have to pay extra to get it fully from us. In future, if you want to bring changing in it, you will contact with us.

4. We can terminate the customer’s work after informing it if he will not cooperate with us about what kind of work he wants from us. It is our right to terminate the work.

5. The customer should be aware of what kind of job he is taking from us, then he will sign a document with us before starting the work.

6. We are not responsible for any third party’s websites which are linked to you. we are only working on customer’s given websites. We have a complete privacy policy in our company. We do not allow any third party to integrate in our work without knowing the customer.

7. We have the copy rights to write the content and also provide all kind of services to our clients. We make our clients satisfy. We hand over the final approved data to the customer/clients.

8. Your Website Cost: Our website design calculator is setup to give you an instant quote and price. We have three payment options available that you can chose from to make it easier for your business to manage the cost of an expertly built website.

9. Full Payment: If you wish to make payment in full upfront we will reduce the cost of your website by 10% so you can save on full payment.

10. Standard Payment: Our standard website design payment is setup with a 50% deposit and the remaining cost spread over ending the work.

11. Please note that any payments that a late by more than 14 days will mean your website will be removed from the internet and your service discontinued.

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