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Website developer in Lahore increase the Performance

Website developer in Lahore increase the Performance

Website developer in Lahore finding such a professional is a great success, but they also get paid well. Most web programmers specialize in years: Front-end developer. Such an employee concentrates on the visual part of the project, which includes the appearance of the resource, its interface, and various applications. It makes the use of each page of the site as comfortable as possible, that is, it focuses on the client side of the resource. Its main tools are CSS, HTML, JavaScript. Website developer in Lahore  increase the list is complemented by a whole list of programs designed to improve the site's performance: Bootstrap, jQuery, AngularJS, LESS, Sass / SCSS, etc. Back-end developer . This specialist deals with server technology. It receives the user's request from the front-end, processes it and sends it back in a form accessible to the client. What happens on the server side is inaccessible to the user, he sees only the final result and cannot interfere with the application from outside. The back-end developer uses the following tools: various programming languages (PHP, Perl, Java, Python, Ruby), frameworks as well as MySQL to save data. The development process, as a rule, begins with the emergence of an idea, collection and analysis of current information and the formation of a technical task. Then a model of the intended application is designed and the concept is worked out. The next stage is writing the code, testing each of its tasks and eliminating the flaws. First, a beta version is released, and later - a full-fledged product. A team of foremen always works on a project, each of whom is responsible for his own area of work.

Responsibilities of a web developer
As a web developer, your job is to present your client's products and services to a wide audience, creating attractive and functional websites. You will most likely be expected to identify a potential custom audience and be able to develop a website that is attractive to that audience. Your job may include meeting with clients to discuss their wishes for the website, or to discuss how to keep their site functional and up to date. You can design the look and feel by creating a visually appealing home page and user-friendly design. You can also write content for the site.
Once the site is up and running, you will need to ensure that it works in all browsers by periodically testing and updating accordingly. A customer may also ask you to include interactive features on their site using the Visual Basic or Java programming language.

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