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Website designer in Lahore  web design also represents programming and everything

Website designer in Lahore web design also represents programming and everything

Website designer in Lahore web page is not just a design, an image or a registration form, we have to know that web design also represents programming and everything is complemented between design, programming and even the server to make a complete web page.
Shows the client side (Front-end) and the other the server side (Backend) and that is why we are going to mention in the Front-end for web design, because it is the most important thing to attract users such as colors, templates or forms, however, for a web page to work perfectly, both must work parts separately and together, are two layers that complement each other. Website designer in Lahore  the main thing that we must understand is that the Front-end is not only design, it certainly complements structuring languages such as HTML and design such as CSS, however, it also has a lot to do with programming, not everyone can make a Front-end web design with just images customized by Photoshop, you must also have programming knowledge Additional design in the Front-end and programming knowledge should also make a good connection with the Backend (discussed above) since they should work together to make a good web page not only with design, but also with functionalities.

Website designer in Lahore I trained in both areas, and I was able to appreciate these differences extremely clearly. At a basic level: the web was worked in RGB, pixels, at 72dpi and for different browsers (which interoperated the code in different ways and had their own restrictions), in graphics it was worked in CMYK, mm or cm, 300dpi and generally for the characteristics of the printed world.
Similar was not the same. It happened to me that, for example, before CSS3 an element with rounded edges, shadow and gradient that adapted to the height and width of the content was not viable. It seems incredible today, but it was like that, the only way to get gradients was with background images and these are not flexible to the content, except cut into all the necessary pieces and rearmed in a div with a few more inside (and still in some cases could not coexist all these characteristics together).The graphic designers I worked with, although super talented, were unaware of these peculiarities, as well as others. And it was reasonable, they were thinking of another platform, another set of technical characteristics. A web designer might know nothing about overprinting blacks, or curving text. All web designers of that time are familiar with html and css, even html5 and css3.
But in recent years the world of digital products has become more complex in different directions, design and layout (as they were called at that time) acquired new dimensions in themselves. Website designer in Lahore the appearance of different devices brought with it concepts such as responsiveness and micro worlds in the operating systems of those devices. and actually, the term "Web Designer" is even a bit outdated, considering it's been a long time since it was designed just for the web.

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