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web design in Lahore Become Popular Today

web design in Lahore Become Popular Today

web design in Lahore refers to the process of web page design. And as simple as it may sound, web design is one of the most important elements for attracting leads and possible sales closings. If we compare custom web design we can realize that web design implies more work but at the same time more freedoms. web design in Lahore is closely related to making the user experience more friendly. Especially because there are different types of tastes and trends, which may vary according to the industries where you operate.
In the same way, designing websites that respond to user experience has become part, although not everyone considered it that way at first. Web design involves many skills and knowledge , which depend on the designer. As we have already explained, the creation and design of websites is a process that takes time and planning, so more than one team can work on creating a website. Especially if the project has certain requirements that require the presence of several people to develop a part of the project. However, today we can find designers who specialize in doing this whole process , since web design is a way to express your creativity, but this does not have to be the norm.Web developers and web designers are two completely different things, and both jobs fulfill different functions and are important to be able to make your website work as well as possible, standing out from the rest.
As you may already know, websites in digital marketing are a key element in the creation and execution of our strategies. Next we are going to talk more in depth about web design in digital marketing, its importance and some rules that we must take into account if we want to make our site number one in its field. Making a web page is a joint effort that requires prior planning, a design that considers the user experience and also takes aesthetics into account.
Motion Graphics, illustrations, slides, audio and video, are some elements that designers can integrate into the web page they are creating, which gives them greater freedom to communicate the message and the intentions of the site with respect to the user. For example, if the website is intended to make your products known or present, including testimonials in the form of video may be more feasible to present them through videos than text.
This is why the role of the web designer is very important. They are in charge of making the ideas materialize. Thus, the main role of a web designer is to find the perfect balance between the aesthetics and the functionality of the site they are creating.
Some of the skills and tasks that web designers perform are:
1    Use programs such as Photoshop or Sketch to be able to design the final product for the web.
2    Create the design based on the branding of the company, and keep it in mind when designing the site.
3    Solve problems related to user experience such as buttons.
4    Generate the graphic elements that the web requires, such as the favicon and in some cases the illustrations or motion graphics (although these can be created by other designers or illustrators. In this case, the web designer has to coordinate that the size or weight of the images are appropriate).
5    Uses and is familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

A web designer has the ability to find a balance between the aesthetics of the web page and the functionality of the site.
Web design vs UX design
UX design, or user experience design is not the same as web design.
Yes, I know that we have mentioned the importance of considering the user when designing a website, but in reality this trend is the one that has become popular today, because at first it was not so considered.
On the other hand, UX design focuses on improving the relationship that the user has both with the website and with the products and services of the company. And this is a process that involves A / B tests, mobile apps, sitemaps and navigation schemes.

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