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software development company latest advances in artificial intelligence

software development company latest advances in artificial intelligence

software development company Modern business cannot be imagined without the use of software that allows you to reduce time and financial costs, solve many problems, optimize both the internal work of companies and the process of interaction with customers, reduce risks, and increase the competitiveness of companies.
Our software development company has been creating software products for financial institutions and business process automation for more than years. Thanks to our work, financial and manufacturing companies can successfully resist the actions of fraudsters, more quickly and easily cope with time-consuming routine processes, more effectively interact with customers, and also use analytical programs and tools in their work that allow you to choose the right development strategy.
The company uses in its products the latest advances in artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence), including deep neural networks (deep neural networks) and other machine learning algorithms for deep (deep learning).
software development companyCustom software is an opportunity to get a software product that exactly meets the needs of a company, which can increase its competitiveness, ensure the desired security, increase work efficiency and guarantee further growth and development.
The main software products of our company
Web-Observer is a content monitoring system for Internet sites with automatic information classification and delivery functions. A system for collecting information from open Internet sources and classifying documents.
WiseGard - automated system for checking personal data on blacklists
Investigation Station is a system for integrating data from disparate sources with visualization functions for related and affiliated individuals and companies.
Custom software (software) development services provided by us include the following
Business analysis of the object and automation processes used by the company. This stage is necessary to formalize the processes and needs of a particular company and start software development.
1-Problem statement for software development. At this stage, the requirements are detailed, they are linked to the technology of the upcoming development methodology.
2-Designing interaction models and object models.
 3-Database design. The basis for database design is the object model, selected taking into account the specifics of the database management system.
4-Design and design of future user interfaces. This stage involves the development of the selected interfaces, taking into account which software development technologies are selected.
5-Testing of the developed software. This stage involves testing the finished software by independent departments in order to control quality and its compliance with technical and functional requirements.
6-Software development and technical support. .The development of software products carried out by our specialists allows companies in the financial industry (in particular banks)
7-Use both ready-made developments and modules, as well as components for software development.
8-Use the experience we have gained and software interfaces for integration with the banking systems and software products already used in the company.
Software development
Our job is not only custom software development. We also manage complex projects, the task of which is the implementation of complex software products.
Custom software development is carried out by us using technologies such as
•    Programming languages C #, Java, C ++, Python, PHP, .NET etc
•    Oracle DBMS, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL.
Specialists are ready to offer their services not only when software development is required directly, but also when the need for pre-project consulting and audit of information systems already used by the customer company has just arisen.
software development company A professional approach to project management and the integration of the latest technologies and developments. Custom software development , carried out by our specialists, is dozens of successfully implemented and used projects in the field of software development for risk management in the banking sector, ensuring proper economic security, financial monitoring, analytical and forecasting activities in the field of finance and economics.

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