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Graphic designing in Lahore a broader field that includes knowledge of graphic design

Graphic designing in Lahore a broader field that includes knowledge of graphic design

Graphic designing in Lahore my digital design work under Visual Design. Visual Design is a broader field that includes knowledge of graphic design, user interface design, user experience design, identity design and branding. Think of it as 'graphic design deluxe. Because digital design is often interactive, by definition other disciplines come into play, such as user-friendliness, scalability (in connection with the advent of the Smartphone) and interaction design. In my view, this extra layer of is required as soon as you get involved with interactive design work. When I started my training as a graphic designer, it was possible to delve into specifically the digital branch of design at a later stage. At that time the term 'visual design' was not there yet and it was called multimedia design. You needed a lot of knowledge and skills as a graphic designer before you could make this deflection and this is exactly the path I decided to follow. Partly because I sensed that the internet and digital design would undergo great growth in the following
Graphic designing in Lahore is perhaps the most 'classic' term of all the design disciplines I use on this site. The term has been around the longest, but even though it is an 'older' profession and the printing industry has seen a decline due to the internet and digital communication, the value of the education is still enormous to me.
The knowledge I gained during the basic 'graphic design' years has a lot of overlap with the design of websites and apps, for example. Knowledge of surface division, layout, color theory, typography and readability are all matters that were relevant in printed matter, but also remain relevant within digital design. And in general they are probably even more relevant.
I estimate that I still use at least of the knowledge I gained during this training on a daily basis and in a way, the training as a graphic designer was an important springboard for me instead of a final destination.
Role as a graphic designer
Although physical products and printed matter are only part of what I design on a daily basis (and not the vast majority), I still apply my skills in this field on a daily basis. Color theory, field division, layout, aesthetics, knowledge of fonts, typography in general, photo edits and knowledge of the most used design software out there (Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design, Acrobat and Animate from Adobe) - all this knowledge and tool resources use me in my work. Whether I design a logo or create a website.Whether it is an App for the Smartphone or a visual prototype for an idea that I have. Knowledge of graphic design basically serves me in everything. In terms of skills, it is the 'first stone' in the wall that I can call my design career. And with that it is also the foundation for everything that follows.
Graphic designing in Lahore I see graphic design mainly as a skill instead of seeing it as my field. And to create clarity towards my customers, I focus more on the products and services I provide than on the specific disciplines. But apart from that, graphic design is the common thread for me. And in everything do for clients.

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