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Ecommerce Development Believe That Online

Ecommerce Development Believe That Online

Ecommerce Development is now a quarter of a century old. It's hard to believe that online trading has been around for not so long. But he too started very small. Behind the some years lies a great development in e-commerce, with many improvements and innovations. Because it's not for nothing that the mail order business is so popular and also so successful.
The Evolution of E-commerce
In the beginning there was the internet. The probably don't have to rewind that far, but not too long after the invention of the Internet, Ecommerce Development also had its premiere. On August , the first transaction was made in an online shop. There is disagreement about what exactly is called the first online purchase. There are different stories that are said to have heralded the start of online trading.
 Transaction from Stand-ford students
According to the first story, online trading began with students from Stand-ford University. In the 1970s, they made a purchase through the Internet predecessor Arpanet. The students are said to have carried out a transaction with their colleagues from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The purchase is said to have been a bag of marijuana.
In the second story, the first commercial transaction took place over tele-text. Even before today's internet, 72-year-old Jane Snowball is said to have bought groceries on her television. As part of a pilot project, the woman's television was connected to the system. The old then selected margarine, corn flakes and eggs from an assortment of around 1000 tele-text items. By pressing the button on her remote control, she sent the order to the UK grocer Tesco.
The third and last variant is the most common and best-known version of the origins of online shopping. For this reason, e-commerce is celebrating its birthday again this year.
The data from the largest E-commerce consumer study in commissioned by the E-Commerce shows that one in three orders is placed today via smart-phones and tablets. Five years ago it wasn't even 20 percent. The high number of orders overall is also due to the fact that dealers and delivery agents have become even better in the perception of customers. 94.5 percent of those surveyed said they were very satisfied or satisfied with their online shopping, after 93.9 percent a year ago.
Online trade is in the fast lane. E-commerce is becoming more and more efficient and retailers are well equipped for further growth. The increase in customer satisfaction in another year of growth has shown this impressively. "
All types of mail order companies contributed to the growth. The multichannel mail order companies were well ahead in 2019, increasing by 13 percent in total. The online shops of stationary retailers grew by grew percent, well below the market level. In contrast, providers who linked a catalog offering with online trading increased by percent. Online pure players and market places grew almost equally at some percent respectively. These changes almost nothing in the distribution of sales: As in the previous year.

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