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E-Commerce website development high sales volumes

E-Commerce website development high sales volumes

eCommerce website development can be relatively easy, but generating high sales volumes and revenues by establishing yourself in your sector is much more complex. Today about of eCommerce projects more than high in less than 2 years from their precisely because we tend to underestimate the level of complexity of this world, which requires skills, marketing strategies and investments of a certain level.
E-Commerce website development precisely for this reason, Secret Key Web Agency in addition to taking care of the design and technical development part of the site, also provides marketing consultancy for ecommerce , which include feasibility study, sector and competition analysis, business plan by definition of investments and economic scenarios. months, marketing and communication strategy, customer loyalty activities.
This consultancy serves to produce a fundamental strategic document to establish the actions necessary to bring an ecommerce to success .The Secret Key team on the digital marketing side is able to manage all the activities and the indispensable tools to gain visibility and generate orders from new customers and already loyal customers. We focus mainly on the following 6 channels: SEO, Online Advertising with Google Ads and Face book Ads, Digital PR, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and Marketing Automation. We are able to structure elaborate personalized and highly performing marketing automation processes, generating extraordinary results in terms of up sell, Cross sell, purchase frequency and customer loyalty. Another important channel on which we focus is that of price comparators and marketplaces, which can convey a large volume of users willing to buy. Among the main players in this area we use, , as well as Google Shopping and Amazon , to which are added vertical and more specific sites depending on the customer's areas of expertise.
All conversions and online purchases are monitored through Google Analytics and Google Data Studio, with a special setup for ecommerce tracking and goal tracking. We combine the classic Web Analytics reports also with Data Intelligence solutions, which allow us to map the behavior of the Customer Base to then be able to optimize Retention and Customer Life Time Value. We also carry out continuous A / B tests on the site and advertising campaigns through a process of measurement and optimization of funnels and conversion rates. Thanks to this constant approach we are able to increase the sales performance and the ROI (return on investment) of our customers.
If you are looking for a partner who can help you create your ecommerce site from scratch, or if you need an expert agency capable of growing sales performance and revenue????, then Secret Key Agency is the ideal choice! Fill out the request form below now and you will be contacted by our team of specialists.

10-06-2020 06:35:11 am
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