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E-commerce Development Services For Business

E-commerce Development Services For Business

The reasons for the E-commerce development of electronic commerce are diverse. The investment with E-commerce development services for business added high value. It is so favorable for all the distributors and suppliers at the last-users.
The customer, to acquire everything he needs, only has to make his purchases on the Web. He has no longer needs to travel or shop around to find the product he is looking for. The information and characteristics of the desired product any price, available any colors or size, material, etc. Then we also apply to the condition of services.

Besides, the delivery of the order is made at home, and within the deadlines recommended by the supplier. The prices E-commerce Development Services charged on the Internet are generally lower than those charged on the real market.
As far as the trader is concerned, distance selling saves him a significant share of the costs and brings him more contracts.

Typology of E-Commerce Development:
The different types of E-Commerce services are made between e-commerce between companies (Business to Business) and commerce with individuals (Business to Consumer) If the BtoC is now more highlighted by the media, the BtoB  E-commerce  Development Services on the Internet as outside the Internet is much more important. Two new segments are also emerging: e-commerce with administrations (Business to Government) and commerce between individuals (Consumer To Consumer).
Now let's take a look at each type and shape differently:

B2B E-Commerce
(Business to Business) covers the field of business-to-business commerce, ie activities in which customers or prospects are businesses. The types of sites most representative of the concept of BtoB are virtual marketplaces (PMV) on the Web, whether public or private, the latter are increasingly considered as an ERP or ERP for the company. The appearance of virtual marketplaces has had an impact on buyers by giving them back the power of decision.
Within this set, we differentiate between strategic and non-strategic BtoB E-commerce Development Services
Strategic B to B: relationship meeting the needs of buyers whether it is intermediate consumption products (raw material, semi-finished products) used to produce a final product or the finished products that will be distributed to the final customer.
Non-strategic B to B E-Commerce relationship meeting the needs of buyers whether it is an individual professional need (books, publications, information, seminars, online advice, etc.) or operational needs (office supplies, consumables, electrical equipment, telecom and IT

B to C E-commerce:
(Business to Consumer) refers to E-commerce between a company and a private person.
The company sells its products and services to the end-user via its site or via a more general go-between site called in certain cases a by referring to a symbolically virtual representation of the physical world, for example for the sale of physical products, intangible goods (information, videos, software, and services reservations, home services.

C to B E-commerce:
(Consumer to Business): represents a reversal of the logic of the relationship between demand and supply. Its basic principle is to rely on the Internet to combine the demand of individuals to put suppliers in competition. The most frequent cause is the grouping of consumers to buy wholesale at a lower price, via a group purchasing site.

C to C E-commerce:
(Consumer To Consumer) applies to commercial exchanges between private persons in which a specialized site plays the role of intermediary. The most common model is that of the auction, 2002, popularized by the site American eBay and also classifieds. The site plays a crucial role. It classifies offers, generates traffic, provides commercial guarantees, and the sale itself is carried out between individuals from individual to individual.

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